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A Habitat home is far more than just a house. It's a place where a family can share their day, plan for tomorrow, and dream about the future. A place to call home provides important peace of mind and stability for the entire family. When we reach out to a new partner family to let them know they've been selected, the excitement in their voices and the cries of celebration from other family members is so powerful and moving. It's truly an  amazing experience and all made possible through the generosity of people like YOU!


That's right! Your support of our efforts makes dreams come alive for our partner families. How cool is that? You have the power to make a positive difference in someone's life through your donation today. Please join us in putting more smiles on the faces of our partner families. Every gift is so important because YOU choose to make a positive difference through your contribution. 

On May 23, Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH) celebrated the completion of construction for new two-story house in Springfield. A single mother with two sons purchased the home in early June 2022. In July, we'll celebrate the end of construction for TWO neighboring homes that were built simultaneously in Holyoke. It's quite impressive, especially when you realize the GSHFH construction crew consists of three full-time staffers, one part-time equivalent, and two high school interns. None of this could be achieved without our phenomenal volunteers AND your generosity. 

Give today!

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Natasha has dreamed of planting proverbial roots in Springfield since her childhood. Yet, she had been unable due to turmoil in her parents' marriage that caused her (with her mother and sister) to move around a lot. Later, she found instability and challenges with her sons' fathers. She turned to her sister for help only to find more trouble. When Natasha learned about GSHFH's homeownership program, she knew this was her opportunity for stability and roots! Natasha applied to the program several times beginning in 2016. In October 2020, she learned she and her sons had been accepted. Their house on Bay Street in Springfield is finished and a Natasha closed on the house in June 2022. Click below to hear Natasha speak about the importance of this house in her own words.

Ireydiza and her husband Juan will soon purchase a three-bedroom GSHFH home in Holyoke in the summer of 2022. The couple has two young children. Just four years ago, the family was happy, healthy, and dreaming of buying their first home. Then tragedy struck. A workplace injury disabled Juan, the breadwinner. Following several surgeries and two strokes, their dreams were put on hold. Juan was unable to return to work. Ireydiza left school to be the sole breadwinner, create time to care for her young children and recuperating husband.

Despite the pain and struggle, Juan gives back where he can. Whether it’s playing with his children, sharing his story on social media to bring awareness to strokes and the symptoms, or supplying food to the homeless, Juan is determined to make the best of his situation.

“Juan is a ‘helper’ who has regained a sense of self-confidence by doing his sweat equity hours,” said Deborah O’Mara, GSHFH Family Services manager. “I have no doubt Juan and Ireydiza will be givers in their community for years to come.”

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