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Make a difference

Did you know despite the challenges of COVID-19, Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH) completed two home builds this past February and April? We have also made significant progress on our project on Bay Street in Springfield and have started two more homes in Holyoke. Not bad for a small nonprofit. The reality is these projects, and others in the future, would not be possible without the support of dedicated volunteers, strong community partners, and generous donors like YOU!


A Habitat home is an essential gathering place for family and friends that provides peace of mind, stability, and hope for the future. When we call a new partner family for the first time to let them know they have been selected for a new home and we hear the excitement in their voices and the cries of happy tears at the other end of the line, it’s truly an amazing experience and all made possible by YOU!

Statements from family members like, “This house is warm and the roof doesn’t leak like the other one,” “I don’t have to share a room with my two sisters anymore,” and “My brother and I have a yard that we can play in now,” are just a few comments that demonstrate the tremendous impact our projects have in making a real difference in our community. But we can’t do it alone!

Join us in putting more smiles on the faces of our partner families, by supporting our building projects, homeownership, and home preservation programs. Consider making a recurring monthly donation that fits your budget. If your employer matches charitable contributions, the impact of your donation can be even greater. Your gift is so important in helping us to build stronger, more vibrant communities. Give today!

To make a donation, go to habitatspringfield.org/donate

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Ana and her youngest children moved into their newly constructed four-bedroom Springfield home in May. It wasn't an easy journey. Having become a single mother at a young age, Ana knew she had to make her children her top priority. Despite struggles and financial challenges, she rose to the occasion. In 2018, Ana first applied to the GSHFH homeownership program. Despite the rejection, she continued to challenge herself to meet GSHFH's standards. Ana reapplied in early 2019 and was selected.

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In February, Albert and his family moved into a three-bedroom home in Springfield. His sisters, brother, and parents immigrated to the United States and Western Massachusetts from an African refugee camp in 2015. Since arriving in Springfield, Albert's family integrated themselves in the community. The children enrolled in school and his parents found jobs. They joined a church and when another refugee told Albert's parents about GSHFH, they knew they wanted to be a part of it. The family applied twice to the homeownership program and were accepted in October 2020.

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Natasha has dreamed of planting proverbial roots in Springfield since her childhood. Yet, she had been unable due to turmoil in her parents' marriage that caused her (with her mother and sister) to move around a lot. Later, she found instability and challenges with her sons' fathers. She turned to her sister for help only to find more trouble. When Natasha learned about GSHFH's homeownership program, she knew this was her opportunity for stability and roots! Natasha applied to the program several times beginning in 2016. In October 2020, she learned she and her sons had been accepted. Their house on Bay Street in Springfield is under construction. Click below to hear Natasha speak about the importance of this house in her own words.