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HABITAT - 3 FAMILIES - FRIDAY - JUNE 10, 2022 - 53.jpeg

Holyoke dedication

Congratulations to Antonia and her family, whose new Holyoke home was completed in January 2024. On Valentine's Day (Feb. 14), Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity hosted an in-person dedication ceremony to celebrate the completion of the construction phase. 

About the build.

This home is the result of a collaboration between the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and Habitat for Humanity International to build 50 insulated concrete form (ICF) homes across the United States. This is the first ICF build in this affiliate's history. 

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH) began construction in September 2022. Since that time, more than 25 corporations and groups volunteered on this build and put roughly 4,300 hours on the build site.

media kit.png
media kit2.png

For a printable PDF media kit, click on Page 1. For an interactive PDF, click page 2. 

Event pictures.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 5.jpeg

Guests talk among themselves before the event begins.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 8.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia's son Joshua waits for the event to begin.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 13.jpeg

Left is Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity Construction staffer Violetta Melendez. Next to her is her former peer Rachel Leahey.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 11.jpeg
Valentine Home photo shoot - 10.jpeg
Valentine Home photo shoot - 15.jpeg

Representatives from Agawam's Doering Middle School's Kindness Club, which presented gift baskets to the soon-to-be homeowner's family.

Former GSHFH Construction Manager Sheri L. Green with soon-to-be homeowner Antonia.

Guests pose with soon-to-be homeowner Antonia.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 14.jpeg
Valentine Home photo shoot - 17.jpeg

Four of soon-to-be homeowner Antonia's children wait for the dedication to begin.

Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia and GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux pose together.

Matthew Mainville of Holyoke Housing Authority (left) speaks to the crowd with Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia and GSHFH Executive Director standing to the right of him.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 35.jpeg
Valentine Home photo shoot - 31.jpeg

Attendees watch the event. They include (left) GSHFH Board of Directors member Melvin Coleman and former Board President Anne Eisenman (right).

Valentine Home photo shoot - 48.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia speaks to the audience. GSHFH Homeowner Programs Coordinator Olga Callirgos stands to the left and GSHFH Board of Directors Vice President Tiffany Tranghese stands between them.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 18.jpeg

The event kicks off with a welcome from GSHFH Board of Directors President Michael Cardaropoli. GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux stands to his left.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 54.jpeg

Representatives from Agawam's Doering Middle School's Kindness Club presents gift baskets to the soon-to-be homeowner's family.

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia's children from left Taina, Brianna, and Joshua pose with their gifts from the Kindness Club.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 63.jpeg
Valentine Home photo shoot - 61.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia (right) speaks with Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 68.jpeg

Soon-to-be-homeowner Antonia shows off the ceremonial keys to her new home.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 72.jpeg

The family enters the home following the ceremony.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 89.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia's daughter Taina smiles in her new home.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 76.jpeg
Valentine Home photo shoot - 77.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia's children (from left) Brianna, Joshua, and Taina stand with a signed picture frame welcoming the family home. 

From left: Board of Directors members Kelly Trompke, Matt MacDonnell, Vice President Tiffany Tranghese and President Michael Cardaropoli pose with soon-to-be homeowner Antonia and her children Brianna, Joshua, and Taina.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 82.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia's son Joshua (left) enjoys food served at the event. catered by Crave Holyoke.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 86.jpeg
Valentine Home photo shoot - 94.jpeg

Older daughter Jaelee (far right) arrives at the event. Siblings Taina and Joshua greet her.

Former GSHFH Construction Manager Sheri L. Green poses with soon-to-be homeowner Antonia (far right) and her children.

Valentine Home photo shoot - 99.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Antonia (center) draws the name of a "Hearts and Homes" challenge fundraising winner from the can held by GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux. Her children Joshua and Brianna (right) look on. Winner Helen Wright won a gift card valued at $700 to exclusive Canyon Ranch spa resort in Lenox/


Food catered and donated by Crave Holyoke for the dedication.

Facebook videos.

Family opening gifts from Agawam's Doering Middle School Kindness Club.

Jaelee and Brianna open kindness gifts.png
Jaelee looks at kindness club sign, Brianna next to her.png
Taina and Joshua open kindness gifts-2.png
Taina and Joshua open kindness gifts.png
Brianna opens kindness club gifts.png
Jaelee and Brianna look at kindness club cards.png
Jaelee opening kindness club gifts.png

Tour of the house.

Chestnut St house.png

Finished house. Two stories, four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms.

360 Chestnut - kitchen.png


360 Chestnut - living room.png

Dining room/living room. View from kitchen.

360 Chestnut - pantry.png

Pantry, located in nook behind refrigerator.

360 Chestnut - downstairs half bath.png

Main floor half bathroom

360 Chestnut - up stairs.png

Stairs to second level

360 Chestnut - upstairs hallway.png

Upstairs hallway

360 Chestnut - upstairs full bath.png

Upstairs full bathroom

360 Chestnut - bedroom 1.png

Upstairs bedroom #1

360 Chestnut St - bedroom 2.png

Upstairs bedroom #2

360 Chestnut - bedroom 3.png

Upstairs bedroom #3

360 Chestnut - stairs leading down.png

Stairs to basement

360 Chestnut - basement storage.png

Basement storage area

360 Chestnut - basement.png

Basement hallway from back door

360 Chestnut - basement bedroom.png

Basement bedroom

360 Chestnut - basement full bath.png

Basement full bathroom

To see the construction progression of this build, click below.

News coverage.

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