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Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH)'s home preservation program provides affordable micro-loans to qualifying homeowners who need help with accessibility modifications, home weatherization, general home repairs, yard cleanup, and landscaping. Some critical repair work and larger loans are available on a case-by-case basis. GSHFH works alongside volunteers and homeowners to make repairs.

This is Franklin's house.

Franklin is a former Army Reserve specialist fourth grade, who served eight years. Now, a 90-year-old veteran, Franklin's Springfield home, which was built in 1911 and owned by Franklin for at least 60 years, is in serious disrepair. Franklin’s daughter, Theresa, reached out to Greater Springfield Habitat in May and September 2021, requesting home preservation services, but the program had temporarily closed due to a lack of funds. After the second phone call, Habitat staff ventured to the house to survey the damage and necessary repairs. GSHFH then connected with Habitat for Humanity International for assistance. Habitat International helped Greater Springfield Habitat access the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Veterans Housing Rehabilitation and Modification Pilot program to qualify this project. The federal program serves veterans and/or low-income individuals and provides grants to repair their primary residences so they can retain their independence without being burdened by the repair costs. GSHFH subcontracted Westfield’s NexGen Roofing to replace the roof and sheathing. Theresa said she is grateful and extremely thankful to GSHFH and all it is able to do to help her father.

Princeton before - outside roof.png

An image showing the state of Franklin's roof. 

front of house.png

Franklin's Springfield home.

Princeton St - roofing.png

Nextgen roofing takes off the old roof.

Princeton St - roofing-1.png

Nextgen roofing takes off the old roof.

Princeton St - roofing-3.png

Nextgen roofing takes off the old roof.

Princeton st roof done.png

The new roof is done. 

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before - moss on roof.png

A close-up view of the moss that was power washed off the roof of the Wiggins' Monson home.

after - back of house post power wash-1.png
Meet Peter and Beth

In September 2021, Purple Heart Homes, a veterans-services agency that focuses on housing solutions, asked Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH), a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization, if it would like to collaborate on a home preservation project. Peter, a retired Army National Guard staff sergeant and his wife, Beth, purchased a duplex in Monson three years ago. They live in one unit. Beth’s daughter and young son live in the other residence. Both units needed repair. Greater Springfield Habitat sent staff to assess the three areas of concern – a moss-spotted roof, broken water heater in the daughter’s unit, and damaged exterior doors at both dwellings. The roof, siding, and water heater issues were addressed in December. The moss-spotted roof had several bowed shingles that began to lift. If left untreated, the roof would need to be replaced in three years. While replacement will be necessary down the line, a pressure wash took care of the immediate concern. West Springfield’s Clean Machine Power Wash performed the work and also power washed the siding and porches. A Proline 40-gallon water heater replaced the broken appliance. Exterior doors for side entrances and the basement were replaced. Previous doors weren’t correctly sealed and allowed drafts and a hollow interior door had been used as an exterior door.

before - front of House view of roof.png

The Wiggins' house before (left) and after the siding was power washed by West Springfield’s Clean Machine Power Wash.

The back of the Wiggins' Monson home following a power wash of the family's roof and siding.

For more information, call (413) 739-5503 or email support@habitatspringfield.org