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back of wiggins house at Kayla birthday event.png

Princeton St, Springfield

First-floor accessible bathroom
and bedroom addition.

Wiggins addition - deck off.png

An employee from TNT General Contracting removes the deck from a property in Springfield to make room for a first-floor bedroom and bathroom addition. 

Princeton ICF foundation.png

The insulated concrete form (ICF) frame is under construction.

Max and Gloria's Veterans Build Home Preservation project 

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH) homeowners Max and Gloria live in the McKnight neighborhood of Springfield and purchased their two-story colonial home from GSHFH in June 2002. In recent years, Max has suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and rheumatoid arthritis, which makes climbing stairs to the second-floor bedrooms challenging. Max said he presented his concerns to GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux. 

“She’s very knowledgeable and she knew just what I wanted and needed,” Max said. “Everything was very smooth and easy. Habitat is always there for me when I need it.”

Max, a former Marines corporal, qualified for the Veterans Build Home Preservation program and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Veterans Housing Rehabilitation and Modification Pilot Program (VHRMP). The pilot project gives competitive grants to nonprofits that serve veterans or low-income individuals. The grants can be used to rehabilitate eligible veterans’ primary residences. 

Habitat was able to help get Max and Gloria approved for a first-floor bedroom and accessible bathroom through the VHRMP program. Additional funding was still needed and Purple Heart Homes (PHH) was there to partner with us, donating an additional $15,000 to the project.

PHH, a nonprofit charity, provides housing solutions for former military members who are disabled and/or have decided to age in place. The organization has two programs – Veterans Aging in place and Veteran Home Opportunity Program (VHOP). VHOP is designed for service-connected disabled veterans who are either ready for the responsibility of homeownership, are looking for a rental home, or are interested in a tiny home. 

“Every act of generosity towards our veterans echoes a resounding commitment to honor their service and sacrifice. With deep gratitude, Purple Heart Homes is proud to contribute $15,000 to Greater Springfield Habitat Humanity home preservation project, ensuring veteran Maxwell finds solace and security in a place he can call home,” said John Gallina, CEO and cofounder of PHH. “Our mission extends beyond this gift, as we embark on a dedicated fundraising campaign to reach a goal of an additional $10,000. We believe we’re better together. In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, we hope to build a legacy of compassion and support for those who have bravely defended our freedom.”

Excavation began in early July with help from RJL Contracting. Longtime GSHFH supporter TNT General Contracting is doing the construction work. 

Wiggins addition - framing.png
Wiggins addition - framing-2.png

The wood framing for the bedroom and bathroom is up.

BOA at Wiggins-3.png
BOA at Wiggins-4.png
BOA at Wiggins-6.png

Drywall is going up.

Wiggins - roof framing added.png
Wiggins - roof framing added-2.png

The roof's framing is up.

Carpentry seniors from Roger L Putnam Vocational Technical Academy work on the inside.

Rebecca Hopkins architect friend of Kayla at birthday event sawing siding.png
progress at Wiggins house from other side.png
Wiggins house progress.png
Kayla parents put up siding at birthday event.png
Taylor Bradshaw of Windsor nails in siding at Kayla birthday event.png
Amy Pecora of Bloomfield paints at Kayla birthday event.png

Vinyl siding is going up and the trim has been painted.

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