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HABITAT in Holyoke - 1.jpeg

July 2022
double dedication

Two three-bedroom homes are under construction in Holyoke. On July 18, Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity celebrated the families who will purchase the houses. More than 50 people attended the in-person event and others watched it on Facebook Live. See below for more images from the day.

About the build.

Since construction began in summer 2021, more than 150 individual volunteers, local companies, and school groups helped in this build. They include PeoplesBank, City of Holyoke, Holyoke Housing Authority, Community Preservation Act Committee of Holyoke, Sunbelt Rentals, OMG, Anna Maria College, Meyers Brothers Kalicka, Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley, Citizens Bank, and Restoration Worship Center.

Jennifer's and Juan and Ireydiza's dreams of homeownership will finally come true thanks to Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity and the many supporters of our program. 

The event.

Photos with an orange frame were taken by Photosynthesis Photographer Marie Ciosek.

Photos with a blue or gray frame were taken by Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 3.jpeg

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH) Executive Director Aimee Giroux (left in black and white dress) stands with former GSHFH Family Services Manager Deborah O'Mara (who retired in July and wearing a blue dress) as she presents. The two families celebrated include Jennifer and her two sons. She stands along the back fence in blue with jeans under a red umbrella. Juan, Ireydiza, and their two children stand by the porch under a black umbrella. Their son wears a bright yellow shirt.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 1.jpeg

The two houses showcased at the double dedication event on July 18.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 16.jpeg

Friends and family of soon-to-homeowners Juan and Ireydizaa attend the ceremony. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 8.jpeg

From right to left: Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia; stands with soon-to-be homeowner Juan, his friend Issac Bird (who later offered a house blessing), and a guest at the event before it began. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 5.jpeg

A guest hugs soon-to-be homeowner Ireydiza's daughter. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 7.jpeg

A guest hugs greets soon-to-be homeowner Ireydiza's son. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 11.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowners Ireydiza, Juan, and their children stand to the right as their family and friends pose with them.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 21.jpeg

Guests watch the event. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 20.jpeg

Aimee GIroux, GSHFH Habitat for Humanity executive director, speaks at the event. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 29.jpeg
Jackson St - Aimee, Deb present at dedication.png

From left to right: Aimee Giroux, GSHFH executive director; Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia; and City of Holyoke Community Development Director Alicia M. Zoeller speak at the event. 

GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux (left) stands with former GSHFH Family Services Manager Deborah O'Mara (who retired in July) as she presents.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 30.jpeg

GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux (left) stands as Janara Healy, Holyoke Housing Authority assistant executive director of Operations speaks during the event. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 31.jpeg

GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux (left) listens as Meagan Magrath-Smith, chair of the Community Preservation Act Committee, speaks at the double dedication ceremony. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 27.jpeg

Guests follow along with the program.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 61.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Jennifer shows off her ceremonial house key.

117 Jackson St - Jennifer fam at dedication event-1.png

Soon-to-be homeowner Jennifer (middle in blue) stands with her sons and a family friend and watches the ceremony.

117 Jackson - Jennifer speaks with sons, Aimee.png

Jennifer (right in blue) addresses guests thanking volunteers for their time and Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity for making her dreams come true.

117 Jackson - Debbie gives keys to Jennifer.png

Deborah O'Mara (left) presents ceremonial house keys, a cross, and Bible to Jennifer.

Jackson St - Habitat and others watch dedication.png
113 Jackson - Juan, fam speaks at dedication.png
113 Jackson - Debbie gives keys to Juan family.png

Guests watch the ceremony.

Juan (right) speaks at the dedication event while his family stands with him. He praises Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity for the work they do and the service the organization provided for his family.

Deborah O'Mara (right in blue) presents ceremonial house keys, a cross, and Bible to Juan and Ireydiza's daughter as Aimee Giroux looks on..

HABITAT in Holyoke - 49.jpeg

Issac Bird offers a house blessing.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 58.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowners Ireydiza and Juan's daughter stares at the ceremonial house key.

Jackson St - PSRB stands with donated lawn mowers.png

Representatives from Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley Law stand with Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors President Anne Eisenman (right) after donating two lawnmowers to the two families.

Jackson St - Aimee talks with women from Holyoke offices.png

Aimee Giroux (left) speaks with guests from the City of Holyoke following the event.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 4.jpeg

Representatives from Pellegrini, Seeley, Ryan & Blakesley Law display one of the lawn mowers the firm donated to the soon-to-be new homeowners.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 15.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Juan is interviewed by WWLP Channel 22 News.

Jackson St - Aimee is interviewed by The Republican.png

GSHFH Executive Director Aimee Giroux (right) is interviewed by Dennis Hohenberger, a reporter from the Springfield Republican.

HABITAT in Holyoke - 66.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Jennifer and one of her sons walk into the house that will one day be theirs. 

HABITAT in Holyoke - 74.jpeg

Soon-to-be homeowner Ireydiza is all smiles following the double dedication ceremony.

A tour of one house.

113 Jackson St - front of house.png

Front of 113 Jackson St house

Holyoke house #1 downstairs front room.png

Front room 

117 Jackson - kitchen.png


117 Jackson - Habitat crew in kitchen.png


Holyoke house #1 hallway to downstairs half bathroom.png

Hallway to downstairs half bathroom

Holyoke house #1 downstairs half bathroom.png

Downstairs half bathroom

Holyoke house #1 stairs.png

Stairs to second level

Holyoke house #1 upstairs main bathroom.png

Upstairs full bathroom

Holyoke house #1 back bedroom.png

Back bedroom

Holyoke house #1 front bedroom.png

Front bedroom

back bedroom in Holyoke house #1.png

Back bedroom - from doorway

Holyoke house #1 middle bedroom.png

Middle bedroom

Holyoke house #1 front bedroom-1.png

Front bedroom - different view

Holyoke house #1 hallway from upstairs front bedroom.png

Hallway from front bedroom


Video from the event.

double dedication event blog.png

Outside media recognition.

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