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Building homes, building opportunities

Home is a concept many take for granted. After all, it’s easy to say “there’s no place like home” when there’s somewhere to kick off shoes, rest and recharge in a safe, stable, and decent dwelling. If those components aren’t available, what then? For many people living in Greater Springfield, the concept of "home" is nonexistent. The heat doesn’t work or the house is poorly insulated. The roof leaks. There are rodents, mold, and bugs sharing the residence. Neighborhoods are littered with drugs, gangs, and violence. Gunfire and vandalism are common. It’s certainly not a place to decompress, let alone allow children to grow up.

To further complicate the problem, purchasing a home through traditional means is simply unattainable, particularly for families of limited income. That’s where Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH) comes in.

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Help Greater Springfield Habitat create more affordable housing. Make a donation.

Text BUILD413 to 44-321.

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