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May 2022 Dedication ceremony

Congratulations to Natasha and her sons, whose new Springfield home was completed in May 2022. On May 23, a dedication ceremony was held and more than 35 guests attended the in-person event. Others watched the ceremony on Facebook Live. See below for more images from the day.

About the build.

Since construction began in early 2021, roughly 150 individual volunteers, local companies, the military, and school groups helped complete this project. They include PeoplesBank, Westover Air Reserve Base, Barnes Air National Guard Base, MGM Springfield, OMG, Inc, Sunbelt Rentals, VIABILITY, SR Commercial Realty, Western Massachusetts Tradeswomen, Springfield Rotary Club, Allied Flooring, Paint & Design, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy, Springfield College Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Chapter, and UMASS Triathlon Club.

Natasha, a single mother of two sons and previous applicant, reapplied to the homeownership program in summer 2020. Their apartment, had several issues, including heating, plumbing, mold, bugs, and a lack of a security system. Springfield native Natasha is a “fixer” and often finds solutions to the challenges, but wanted more for her boys. Since learning of her acceptance into the program, Natasha said she and her sons have driven past the lot of their future home and often imagine what it’ll be like to live there. They won’t have to wonder any longer. Natasha closed on their house in June 2022.

“Being able to give my boys a home of our own has been a dream of mine for a long time,” Natasha said. “To be able to have a backyard for them to play around in means so much.”

The event.

Pictures by Marie Ciosek of Photosynthesis are in a blue or gray frames. Other photos were taken by Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity staff.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 28.jpeg

Natasha and her sons stand in red. Volunteers, Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity staff and board members, Natasha's family members, the mayor (front row, second from left), and corporate supporters, pose at the back of the house before the ceremony began.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 21.jpeg

Natasha and her two sons.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 33.jpeg

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity Board President Anne Eisenman welcomes guests to the event.

332 Bay St - mayor presents with Devin - youngest son.png

City of Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno speaks about the relationship between the city and Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity with Natasha's youngest son by his side, acting as his Public Relations manager.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 48.jpeg

PeoplesBank Senior Vice President Jim Sherbo talks to the audience about the significance of homeownership and encourages Natasha to give back to the community and "pay it forward."

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 57.jpeg

Natasha speaks to guests and thanks everyone for their contributions that made her dream of homeownership possible. Natasha's oldest son peeks into the house.

332 Bay St - RWC pastor offers blessing.png

Youth Pastor Adaliz Diaz from Restoration Worship Center in Springfield offers a blessing.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 67.jpeg

Deborah O'Mara (right) presents house keys to Natasha and her boys.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 49.jpeg

Guests from PeoplesBank and Restoration Worship Center watch the ceremony.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 34.jpeg

Local media and Natasha's family document the occasion.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 98.jpeg

Sy Becker of 22News interviews Natasha as her youngest son looks on.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 136.jpeg

Guests of Natasha pose and smile for a picture.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 124.jpeg

A family friend poses with Natasha's two sons.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 120.jpeg

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity (GSHFH) Construction Site Supervisor Mary  Melchiskey (back row with face mask) and GSHFH Construction Manager Sheri L. Green (front row in blue t-shirt) pose with Natasha and her sons.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 109.jpeg

Natasha and her sons pose with the executive team from MGM Springfield, including President Chris Kelly (second from left).

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 127.jpeg

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity Family Services Manager Deborah O'Mara (left) and Natasha pose together outside Natasha's new house.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 72.jpeg

Natasha (right) and her oldest son enter their new home.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 15.jpeg

Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity Family Services Manager Deborah O'Mara (right) is interviewed by WAMC Northeast Public Radio Pioneer Valley Bureau Chief Paul Tuthill.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 88.jpeg

Natasha (right) poses with guests inside her new home.

332 Bay St - goodies table-3.png

A table full of goodies and treats.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 131.jpeg

A sign created by the Greater Springfield Habitat Board of Directors for the future homeowner in 2020. To see the history behind the sign, click here.

A tour of the house.

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 3.jpeg

Front of the house

EMERY FAMILY Habitat photos - 4.jpeg

The backyard of the house.

332 Bay St - back of house.png

Back of the house

332 Bay St - wood carving up close.png
332 Bay St - kitchen from front corner.png

A screech owl and cardinal carving made by a volunteer. Click here to read more and scroll to Page 4.

The view standing inside the front door.

332 Bay St - kitchen.png

The kitchen

332 Bay St - from kitchen to front room.png

View from kitchen to front room

332 Bay St - downstairs bathroom with toilet.png

Downstairs half bathroom

332 Bay St - stairs to basement.png

Stairs to basement

332 Bay St - basement-1.png

The basement

332 Bay St - pipes in basement.png

Basement heating elements

332 Bay St - basement.png

Washing machine hookups

332 Bay St - stairs to second floor.png

Stairs to second floor

332 Bay St - upstairs bathroom.png
332 Bay St - upstairs bathroom-1.png

Upstairs full bathroom

332 Bay St - upstairs bedroom.png

Bedroom #1

332 Bay St - upstairs bedroom 2-1.png

Bedroom #2

332 Bay St - upstairs bedroom 2.png

Bedroom #3

Video from the event.


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Outside media recognition.

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