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Easter Eggs on Hay

Easter egg decorating contest

Join us for an Easter egg decorating contest. Rules are simple: decorate six (6) eggs with a common theme. Arrange your eggs to fit the theme, give it a name, and send a picture of your finished creation via a Facebook private message to Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity ( Once we receive it, we'll create a post and upload it to Facebook and this webpage.

The creation that receives the most Facebook reactions (likes and hearts) by 9pm on Friday, April 16, will win bragging rights and a $50 gift card to our ReStore in Westfield!

Judging is based on presentation (of course building/housing themes will be awarded bonus points and receive a "heart" reaction from Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity.) We're not looking for perfection, just creativity and fun.

Good luck!



Simpsons eggs.png
Wizard of Oz eggs.png
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