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How to donate
to ReStore

When you donate to ReStore, you are part of a movement dedicated to ensuring everyone has a decent place to live. Donations are easy. We can pick up or you can drop off items.  

Donations must be in full, working, usable condition. Items must be clean and damage free. If you have questions about acceptance of donations, call (413) 642-8990 or email with photos of your items.

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What we can accept

• Washers and dryers
• Refrigerators
• Stoves/ovens (electric only)
• Microwave ovens (all pieces required)
• Air conditioners
• Heaters
• Range hoods
• Small appliances
• Dishwashers**
All appliances, with the exception of dishwashers, must be clean, in good condition and manufactured no more than eight years ago. **Dishwashers must be within five years old and include original paperwork, including lead-free certification. 

What we cannot accept

• Gas appliances
• Furnaces or boilers
• Items manufactured before 2012
• Dishwashers manufactured before 2015 and/or do not have original paperwork

• Items with any sign of mold
• Items that have not been properly cleaned
• Items missing any parts
• Any items still in use, not disconnected,

or otherwise unready at the time of donation

Building materials

What we can accept

• Rigid foam insulation, in new condition
and in usable quantities
• Fiberglass insulation, in full sealed bats only
• Bricks, must be free of damage
• Concrete blocks, must be free of damage
• Shingles, in full boxes and new condition
• Rolls of roofing material, in good condition,
half rolls or greater
•Metal roofing materials and gutters, full pieces in good condition with no rust or damage
• Architectural salvage items, in good,
salable condition

What we cannot accept

• Any insulation with evidence of staining or other damage
• Shingles not in package or otherwise damaged
• Any item showing signs of rot or damage
• Any broken or partial bricks and concrete blocks

Cabinets and countertops

What we can accept

• Individual cabinets, in good condition, with all doors and drawers complete and intact
• Cabinet sets, in good condition, with doors, drawers complete and intact
• Marble and granite countertops**
• Other countertops of at least 4 feet in length and in good condition,
excluding Formica
** Provided our staff and volunteers can safely lift and move the countertops

What we cannot accept

• Formica countertops
• Countertops with cutout holes
• Any cabinet that shows signs of mold, water damage, or is otherwise unsalable
• Individual cabinet doors or drawers


What we can accept

• Interior solid doors, in good condition
• French and glass doors with clean glass and intact
• Exterior doors
• Storm doors with frame and all hardware,
and clean glass
• Sliding glass doors with all tracking and hardware, and clean glass
• Door frames

What we cannot accept

• Any item with evidence of rot, cracking,
or other damage
• Any item with glass that is damaged, fogged, or broken
• Garage doors
• Non-residential doors


What we can accept

• Plug outlets, switches, and other in-wall components in like-new or new condition
• Residential fittings, in good, working condition
• Electrical wire, in usable quantities

What we cannot accept

• Outlet covers 
• Used electrical breakers in any condition
• Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other safety equipment

• Any item that shows signs of rust, excessive wear, previous exposure to a short, or any other damage

Exercise equipment

What we can accept

• Hand exercise equipment

What we cannot accept

• Large exercise equipment


What we can accept

• Carpet padding, in brand-new condition only
• Vinyl and linoleum flooring, new
• Hardwood and parquet flooring, new
• Laminate flooring, new
• Ceramic and stone tile, new and in-box only (individual tile accepted if donated with boxes of identical tile)
All flooring must be sealed in packaging or minimum of 10 square feet

What we cannot accept

• Rugs or carpets 
• Any broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged tile
• Any flooring that shows signs of mold, rot, termite damage, or is otherwise unsalable


What we can accept

• Wooden furniture

• Upholstered furniture, less than 10 years old. Free of stains, damaged fabric, and without smells. Floral patters are not accepted
• Curio cabinets

All furniture must be in good condition and fully functional

What we cannot accept

• Hutches, inquire about two-piece hutches
• Entertainment centers, but TV stands are welcomed 
• Damaged or structurally unsound furniture

• Particle board furniture
• Floral-patterned items
• Baby furniture and cribs
• Mattresses and box springs
• Motorized, mechanical, and hospital beds
• Items with signs of mold

Garden and outdoor

What we can accept

• Outdoor furniture, in good condition,
free of damage and staining (Outdoor furniture is only accepted from March to September due to storage constraints)
• Garden hand tools, in good condition, free of rust
• Gas outdoor tools, in full, working condition
• Electric outdoor tools, in full working condition with cords and batteries intact

What we cannot accept

• Hot tubs
• Trampolines
• Swing sets and playgrounds
• Pools
• Bicycles


What we can accept

• Nails, screws, and other fasteners, in original box or otherwise sorted in quantity
• Floor, ceiling, and wall vents, in good condition and free of rust
• Other hardware, in good condition

What we cannot accept

• Incomplete items
• Any item with signs of rust or other damage
• Individual items, such as nails and screws, not in containers or sorted 

Home decor

What we can accept

• Dishware, glassware, and silverware,
in clean, reusable condition. Sets only
• Other home decor, in good condition
• Antique and collectible items, in good condition
• Curtains that are in packaging
• Blinds that are new-in-box and cordless, or with hidden, in accordance with new
ANSI safety standards only
• Framed mirrors

What we cannot accept

• Holiday decor
• Blankets, pillows, and other soft goods
• Stuffed animals, and other toys
• Unframed glass and mirrors
• Pianos and organs
• Home electronics, including TVs, computers, and related equipment
• Corded blinds or any used blinds or blinds that fail to meet ANSI safety standards


What we can accept

• Current styles of residential fixtures
• Lamps
• Lampshades
• Recessed lighting fixtures with all parts

What we cannot accept

• Commercial light fixtures
• Any item with signs of damage or faults (old, cracking cords)
• Fixtures missing any parts
• Lightbulbs
• Fluorescent tubes

• Outdated light fixture styles
• Ceiling fans


What we can accept

• Hardcover books
• Softcover books
• Magazines

What we cannot accept

• VHS tapes
• Cassette tapes

• Records
• CDs

• DVDs


What we can accept

• Milled lumber, in 4 feet lengths or greater
• Trim and molding, in 4 feet lengths or greater
• Siding, in full lengths and in-box preferred

What we cannot accept

• Plywood
• Any item with evidence of mold, rot,
or termite damage


What we can accept

• Latex-based paint and stain, in full unopened containers
• Oil-based paint and stain, in full, unopened containers

Items must be less than 10 years old, unspoiled, with no signs of frost damage

What we cannot accept

• Any paint additives or chemicals of any kind
• Opened, spoiled, or rusted cans of paint


What we can accept

• Pedestal sinks, in good condition
• Stainless steel sinks
• Vanity sink tops
• Complete low-flush toilets (1.6 gallons or less),
less than 10 years old
• Bathtubs (pending storage space)
• Shower enclosures (pending storage space)
• PVC, iron, and copper pipe, in lengths of 3 feet or more
• Faucets, new in-box and manufactured after 2010

What we cannot accept

• Bowl sinks
• Incomplete or damaged items
• Faucets that have been previously opened, installed, or manufactured before 2010
• Pipe showing signs of corrosion or damage
• Glass shower doors
• Plumbing supplies used to carry drinking water
• Hot water heaters


What we can accept

• Hand tools
• Corded power tools, in good working condition with power cord intact and functional
• Portable power tools, in good working condition with working battery and charger

What we cannot accept

• Any item showing signs of rust or other damage
• Corded power tools with frayed or damaged cables
• Items missing parts or batteries

and screens

What we can accept

• Windows, like new or never-installed condition
• Interior and exterior shutters, in sets of 2
• Storm windows

What we cannot accept

• Antique windows
• Single pane windows
 • Incomplete units
• Window sashes
• Window frames
• Window screens
• Any item with signs of rot, broken glass,
or other damage

Miscellaneous items

• New in-package items accepted
• Unique items

268 Cold Spring Ave
West Springfield, MA 01089

(413) 739-5503

We are a 501(c)(3) organization

Tax ID: #04-2970982

301 E. Main St,

Westfield, MA 01085

(413) 642-8990


10am-6pm Wednesday-Saturday

12-5pm Sunday

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Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity provides housing opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, familial status, or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.


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